Psychological and Social Adaptations of Chinese Students in Islamic Country: A Case Study of Chinese Student in University of Putra Malaysia



The objective of this research is to study Chinese students’ cross-cultural adaptations and analyze factors affected their adaptations in Malaysia. The results from regression analysis results show that personality and Malay ability had no significant effect on psychological adaptation but English ability and attitude towards Islamic culture has a significant positive impact on psychological adaptation. On the other hand, experience in the Islamic world has a significant negative effect on psychological adaptation. In terms of social adaptation process, English ability and attitude towards Islamic culture have significant positive effect on social adaptation. Thus, this study recommended that Chinese oversea students should enhance their cross-cultural ability to better adapt to social and culture of Malaysia by improve their English ability and adjust themselves to be positive attitude. Moreover, they should have sufficient preparation both in academic and financial aspects before they go to study aboard and during they are there.


Cross-cultural adaptation; , psychological and social adaptation, Chinese students

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