Some points of controversy Between Abhidhammatthavibhāvinī-Ṭīkā and Parammathadīpanī-Ṭīkā

Ven Visuddha Visuddha



      Abhidhamma is third major division of the teaching of the Buddha. Despite the fact that the origin of Abhidhamma is questionable for modern scholars, Abhidhamma plays important role and is persevered in high esteem in Theravāda country. Abhidhamma literature is kept alive and has developed from time to time in Myanmar, one of five Theravāda countries. Regardless of origin of Abhidhamma, there was a great debate about two Abhidhamma sub-commentaries in Myanmar; Abhidhammatthavibhān-Ṭīkā and Paramatthadīpanī-Ṭīkā. Both Ṭīkās are commenting on the same root Abhidhamma commentary: Abhidhammatthasaṅgaha. Of the two, the first sub-commentary was written on twelfth century and the second was on late nineteenth century. While commenting on the root text, the second criticized two hundred and forty-fives points that have been done by the first. It generated intensive controversy and resulted in numerous scholarly works, articles, books, sub-commentaries in Myanmar. Within 35 years after its printing (1900-1935), over forty scholarly works, both in Pāli and Myanmar, had been written by the scholars, monks and laymen taking a firm stand on the either side. It is known as the great Abhidhamma debate in Myanmar. This article intends to introduce some point of controversy. 


Saṅgaha, Vibhāvinī, Dīpanī, Controversy, Commentary

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