Buddhist leadership Model of Local Administrative in Suratthani Province

Prasit Phanthawong, Suphaporn Sopha, Bunyarat Khrutkhong, Phatlada Suwannuan


Local government organizationsare growing and playing a major role in providing public services to people and the local governments are responsible for managing the development of local government organization for excellence to be practical.(1) To study the concept, theory and principles of Buddhist leadership and leadership; (2) to study the Buddhist leadership in Surat Thani province, (3) to present the Buddhist leadership model of local administrative In Surat Thani.

          This research is based on documentary and field studies using in-depth interviews with executives who won the local administrative organization with good management award in Surat Thani Province from 2011 to 2016 and verify the Buddhist leadership model of local administrative in SuratThani Province to completeas the standard for confidence by the experts before presenting the model of Buddhist leadership of local administrative in Surat Thani province. Data analysis uses content analysis techniques, presents the results by descriptive analysis.

          The research found that "BLMA MODEL" Buddhist leadership model for local administrative are based on 6 factors that affect the Buddhist leadership as follows: intellectual cognition, faith, law, honesty, practicing 5 precepts as a guideline for the good governance, affecting the stability, prosperity and sustainability, leading to a strong provincial development in the future.


Leadership Model, Buddhist leadership Model, Local administrative in Surat Thani

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