Buddhist Wisdom Health Care Identities in the Cultural Geography of ASEAN Community

Nipapat Yoophum


This research aims to study Buddhist wisdom that lines health care which becomes inter-identities of Thailand and other countries ASEAN Community. It was found that Buddhist wisdom health care is health care with a human mind, using the four noble truths and the four noble sentiments or the four of Brahma’s Dharma as the conceptual framework to
understand the reality of life and to develop potential of a human being. The key elements in this health care are the ability to see humanity as the holistic, the ability to see the authentic suffering knowingly, and the
ability to do qualified health care in the context of cultural geography. The ultimate goal is to help everyone concerned achieve complete happiness in life.
Buddhist wisdom health care includes medical and local religious wisdom. These two kinds of wisdoms are interlinked and are the basis of cultural geography. They cover the philosophy of looking at the world, life goals, the philosophy of life, values and practice guidelines, the
development of human life, health educational development, health
technology, health policy, local wisdom, globalization, environment
development, economic development, and social development.

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