The Study of States and Problems Related to Farmers’ Lives before Making the Check Dam of Khon Kaen Provincial Administrative Organization

Riangdow Tavachalee


The aim of this research was to study the problems related to farmers’ lives to the check dam construction towards economy, social and environment. This research was a qualitative research. The instrument used was semi-structured interview which was run by the interview, observation, and group conversation. The researcher analyzed the data by Interpreting Data Conclusion and presented by Descriptive Analysis.
The research results were found that as follows:
1. Economy: water in deficient area affected to the farming. In raining season, there was no problem if the rain went on seasonably but if too much, it caused the trouble as well. Consequently, farmers had to spend a lot of money to cure their fields so that the economy in the community would be damaged.
2. Social: according to water deficiency, the repeated drought still caused the lives much struggled which could affect to the family sector that members needed to work at other places and left their children with the grandparents and children wouldbe under-privileged, technology addiction, and bad friends.
3. Environment: before constructing the check dam, the area located over the check dam encountered water deficiency in the lake, therefore, aquatic animals had got the disequilibrium in nature, local lives were lost, and wet-season rice field would be in trouble as well.


Problem, Check dam, KhonKaen Provincial Administrative Organization

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