The Work Effectiveness of Phra Vinaya-Dhikara Monks in Chayaphum Province

Sunan Srisuk


The aims of this research were: 1) to study the work performance process of the PhraVinaya-Dhikara monks in Chiyaphum province; 2) to study the ways to develop the work performance of the PhraVinaya-Dhikara monks. This qualitative research was carried out through the study of the related documents and research together with the in-depth interview of 25 key informants and group dynamic of 8 participants. The data were analyzed by the descriptive content analysis.
The research results were as follows:
1) Based on the study of the work performance process of the PhraVinaya-Dhikara monks in Chiyaphum province, it was found that the monks understood their basic roles and duties but some of them were still doubtful in relation to the ways of practices. Their works were: examining, explaining, suggesting and monitoring the acts of monks and novices to comply with the Buddhist disciplines, laws, regulations, of the Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand, based on the virtues and fairness.
2) The ways to develop the work performance of the PhraVinaya-Dhikara monks in the studied area were: 1) planning the process of work performance, supporting their works by creating a plan to select and appoint the PhraVinaya-Dhikara monks, creating comprehension of their working process, summarizing their work outcome reports; 2) in regards to the collaboration between the PhraVinaya-Dhikara monks and the community, government and private sectors, the opportunity in finding the community problems and their causes should be given to all parties to make a decision in solving the problems; the chances for budget management and work planning should also be given; the importance of the PhraVinaya-Dhikara’s duties should be explained, in relations to promotion and protection of Buddhism; 3) the training should be managed for the monks in the province in collaboration withthe provincial ranked monks to invite the experts to educate the monks with the work performance methods and the practical processes in order to develop the skills of personality improvement, communication, team-work and effective planning.


Phra Vinaya-Dhikara monks, Effectiveness Development, Work Performance

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