Karma, Rebirth and Heartfulness: The Buddha as Psychologist and Therapist (Buddhism 4.0)

Prof. G.T. Maurits Kwee


Heartfulness is a Buddhist tactics of dis-attaching, dis-identifying, dis-illusioning and dis-solving.  Other terms pinpointing what heartfulness does are de-automatizing and de-conditioning or un-learning, un-craving, un-grasping and un-clinging.  Agreeably synchronic with the Buddhist “dis-sing” are terms used in cognitive-behavior therapy denoting its de-constructioning process to extinguish emotional arousal: dis-tancing, desensitizing, un-awfullizing and de-masturbating.  Also striking is that nirvana, the extinction of the flames of passion, is analogous to the therapeutic aim and process when dealing with fear, anger and grief.  Again, being aware of what happens in body/speech/mind, in other words heartfulness is the start of any behavior modification and transformational change.

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