Mindfulness Meditation: A Narrative Study of Training in Buddhist Meditation, Mindfulness and Ethics in B-Yard, California State Prison, Sacramento

Dr. Phe Bach, Dr. Gus Koehler, Jaana Elina


Buddhist Pathways Prison Project is also known as Buddhist Pathways is a California nonprofit corporation whose mission is to bring the core teachings of the historical Buddha of non-harming, meditation, and wisdom into prisons and jails as well as federal penal institutions.  Through mindful awareness, incarcerated Sangha members gain the wisdom that fosters durable self-transformation and insight into the inner conditions that led to incarceration.  The Buddhist Pathways Prison Project has successfully served many prisoners in a number of California State prisons, county jails and Federal prisons.  An indicator of this success is that Kalipeia, a private foundation awarded BP3 a grant for $16,000 and renewed it twice.  CDCR awarded BP3 a grant of $62,000 in 2015 to expand its offerings into two additional prisons.  Both supported the drafting and now preparation of manuals on how to recruit volunteers, work with the prison administration to set up programs and to resolve difficulties, and service guidance.  BP3 has also added a teaching resources component to their web site.

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