The Factors of Success of Dhammakāya Temple

Miss Vasana Choke-chaisiri Choke-chaisiri


     Although the issue of Dhammakāya temple has repeatedly been present to the public through the media, social media, critic’s review and academic analysis, etc., the Temple-related issue remains catching people’s attention whenever making headline.  However, it is reasonable to say that there are in-depth-points missing in the dialogues due to many reasons, particularly the Thai scholar’s preoccupation with doctrinal and philosophical dimensions which often neglects the social milieu of religious movements.  This academic article of the Factors of Success of Dhammakāya temple attempts to fill of the vacuum by reflecting various stand points though the utilization of Sociological Theoretical approach to widen the discussion-to-be in the transcendent domains.  The author is well aware not to be lured by the passionate eloquence about things the Temple has attractively re-engineered and make them a pleasure to look at, into either giving the Temple a preferential evaluation, or mistakenly assuming that they are the essence to the Temple’s successful factors instead of seeing them being merely on the periphery of the core value, the matter of fact, all such things are parts of the ‘action plan’ mapped out by experienced hands to build the precursors enabling Dhammakāya meditation conveniently accessed, widely known, practiced and accepted… and successfully rocketing to popularity, but not the factors of the Temple’s success.  The truth is Dhammakāya meditation has strongly inspired the first group of Khun Yay Chandra’s disciples to disseminate the know-how, followed by being forced to start a new temple as a center of operation.  Dhammakāya meditation brought the success first to the life of Venerable Dhammajayo then to Dhammakāya temple.  Dhammakāya temple, if without Dhammakāya Meditation, is no different from being a simple Theravada Buddhist monastery under the supervision of Mahānikāya sect.  To conclude the factors of success of Dhammakāya temple in convergence with the term definition in short and simple dialogue as: Dhammakāya temple succeeds in utilizing Dhammakāya meditation as a mechanism efficiently to attract followers in limitless scope and consistent fashion; and as a magnet capable to keep the followers attaching to the community (Dhammakāya network -glum kalayānamittara) and energize the Temple’s members to scale up the Tradition’s accomplishment.


Dhammakāya, Dhammajayo, meditation, success

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