The Local Act Process of Local Administrative Organization on Community Forest Conservation, Utilization and Benefit Sharing in Ing Basin in Sanmaka Sub-district, Padad District, Chiang Rai Province

Sahasthaya Wises, Phrakhru Sophonapriyatthee Tiradhammo, Phrakhru Thammathorn Boontiang Buddhasawago, Pissamai Wongchampa, Nikorn Potharit


The objectives of this research were study the law that supports the local administrative organization power in natural resource management and to study the local administrative organization and community’s act development. This study also aimed to analyze the factors of local administrative organization and community’s act development towards community forest of Ing basin in the Sanmaka sub-district , Padad district, Chiang Rai province conservation, utilization and beneficial sharing. This research was considered to be research and development (R&D) by the participation of people in Sanmaka community with the help of government and private organizations as well as educational organizations. The results revealed as follows.

            1. The law that supported local administrative organization power in natural resource management consisted of Thai constitution B.E. 2550 in section 6, section 43, section 66 , section 78(3) , and section 290, The provincial act B.E. 2496 in section 50, section 56, and also section 60, Sub-district Administrative Organization Council and Sub-district Administrative Organization (SAO) act B.E. 2537 in section 67, and plans and processes determination of power decentralization to local administrative organization act B.E. 2542 in sectiob 16(24).

            2. There are 8 steps of Sanmaka Subdistrict-Municipal Office act development. 1)

Revising and managing data system of district 2) Managing operational systems and knowledge 3) Preparing local act 4) Local act public hearing and supporting 5) Bringing into Sub-district Administrative Organization Council processes and asking sheriff and provincial governor for the approval 6) Developing the local act according to sheriff’s suggestions 7) Promulgating local act and 8) Local act development lesson learned visualizing.

            3. Local act development factors consisted of natural resources in the district, the

operation revise in district natural resource management, cooperative local act development processes, conference, knowledge exchange, government and private organization supports and the usage of research processes in order to support local act development.


Local Act; Community Forest; Ing Basin

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