The Mangalatthadipapi : the Directive of Living on of Sustainable Life

Samiddhipol Netnimitra


The Mangalatthadipapi is a distinguished text of Buddhism that expresses the directive relating to daily life. In 2060 B.E., this text was written in Pali by Ven. Phra Sirimangalathera in the Thai Lanna period, for explicating the commentary of the Mangala Sutta, Khuddakanikaya. This book is guaranteed by Buddhist scholars that it is a special scripture because the author quotes the Tipitaka, commentaries, sub-commentaries and words of another Buddhist learned monks who were well-versed in the Doctrine. In originally from has 20 pages, enhance be 850 pages.

In this book, it points that mode of sustainable living of a human being which has completeness and standard, is called “mangala”. The first of all is not to associate with fools or the wicked and the last is to have the mind which is secure.

The Mangalatthadipapi insists a standard and completeness of sustainable living have to live a life with the good moral in both of mundane and supramundane states of consciousness.  So, The Mangalatthadipapi is used as the classical textbook of the Pali grammarians in Thailand  in the 4-5th and the 7th   classes.

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