The important obstacle in life

Raveeroj Srikampa


This article is “the important obstacle in life” has objective to understand that the life may be obstacle or be suffer sourly and has always obstacle even with life. When we understand this thing, we can make plan in our life for confronting with this obstacle and can make morale and inspiration to oppose with these obstacles properly.  The important obstacle in life in this term are 1) resource of ruin, 2) be in debt, 3) greediness, 4) scare, 5) sickness and 6) carelessness. 1) way of ruin every types are the cause of ruin, 2) being in debt is the suffering in the world, 3) being the greediness, if it happen and more pile up continuously, it will be selfish automatic. They will think, speech and action, it cannot stop the greediness, 4) the scare is the big danger that is threaten to our thinking and our mind that is made our brave and our wise become lower, 5) the physical and mind sickness make the efficiency of work and proceed of life become lower and 6) the carelessness is the way to destruction that is the big ganger. We should avoid from these six things by finding protection and bringing the Buddhadhamma principle to apply properly for encouraging the progressive as good practicing forever.

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