Thai Culture That ASIAN Students Should Know

Nilratana Klinchan


The objective of this article is to know Thai culture that ASIAN students should know. Thai culture concerned with custom, religion, language and environments.
The ASIAN students who have been studying in Mahachulalongornrajvidyalaya
University have effected on daily life toward Thai culture. What is the problem that ASIAN students should know. Generally Thai teachers should know inter-cultures such as languages, belief and tradition and communication of cultural languages and the ASIAN students must know Thai culture and they have improved themselves on environments and Thai culture.
Thai culture is the sum of the learned behavior of Thai persons that are generally considered to be the tradition of Thais and are transmitted from a generation to next generation.The Thai culture used is all the shared products of society: material and nonmaterial. The totality of learned, socially transmitted behavior. It includes ideas, values, and customs.
Thai culture shapes the way Thais interact and understand the world around
them. The most complex culture is associated with a society or a nation is commonly used to refer to these characteristics including languages-usage patterns, significant historical events and characters, philosophies of government, social customs, family practices, religion, economic philosophies and practices, belief and value systems and ideals and systems of law.

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