Excellent, ethical, happiness: Dream organization with researcher’s ethics

Ratnatee Virojrid


The purposes of this article are to apply dharma principles in Buddhism to ethics of researcher and to obtain summary and lessons from more than ten years of experiences working in research organization. We wish to determine the characteristics of research organization in one’s dream that can attract and reserve high-quality research and other related issues. For instances, what are the qualities of researchers with good ethical standard? What will contribute to the cooperative behavior between the institution and the researchers, resulting in a way that the researchers are excellent, happy, and ethical? Moreover, what will lead the organization to the successful entity with the goal to become a dream place for many researchers?

In the article, the author had collected and processed the documents of research code of conduct and code of practice or best practice written by National Research Council of Thailand from dharma principles in Buddhism and from direct experiences in working in national research institution for more than ten years. This leads to the conclusion of characteristics of excellent and good researchers according to research code of conduct combined with dharma principles in Buddhism and the conclusion of characteristics of the institution that provides the happiness to the researchers on a daily basis.

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