Study and Analyzing the Politic women’s roles in the Buddhadhamma Standard: Study Case in Buddha Taught in Kampojasutt

Adisak Tongbun


In the recent, all women around the world have the equal rights with all men. The politic roles are very important to develop the private and public usages as equal as the men who were different to the women in the past, because they have educated as well as the men could. Why was a sermon said in Kampojasutta “the women could not join in the parliament, do the important work and have career in the Kampojasutta or the different states? The questions and the answers in this sutta had been done to look down the women by the bias according to the belief in the Indian society in that time or not. When have studied from many suttas, the suspects were certainly contemplated and analyzed to compare. It is understood and realized that Buddha hopefully advised the women with problems to know and improve themselves and also he said that some ones who were usually angry, jealous, sticky, and the wrong view. Both of them could not join in the parliament, do the important work and have the occupation in the foreign countries. Therefore,

it is summarized that whoever had learnt the defect things so that they realized by
their mind and then they try to improve themselves along with the Buddha’s taught
as the Mallikadevi had done, they will get the useful things as if the Buddha taught

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