An Important Events in Life

Raweerose Srikampa


The every event passed in our life which is an important period that is different each other. However, if we look overview, there are 2 events namely : 1. the good event which is made impression on that thing and 2. the bad event which is made depression. It is the history of life that should consider how we solve the problem for development of life to happiness, peace and shadly. Therefore, we have summarized some event that is an importance of life impressing and proud for uncareless namely
1. Birth become to Human is more excellent than animal because of we haveopportunity to create the wholesome.
2. Maintaining of life each day for safe free from fear, harm and could beliberated happily each day.
3. Listening the Dhamma of The Load Buddha this thing will be gotten
the knowledge, reducsed craving and suffering until enlightenment.
4. Occuring of the Load Buddha, because of He will be helped of educablebeing and get monk’s seat after listened His Dhamma.
5. Birth the Thai people under the patronage of Thai King by has the main Buddhism. This Thailand has rich and safe.
6. The Buddhist encouragement is a fortunately that has a chance for heling the Buddhist monks and norvices who are worthy vehicle for attaining merit of the world
      Therefore we concluded that the six important events on above context are the good thing. It is not only created the enormous happiness and sustainable but also wished of every one all around the world that is not contact as this Thai people.

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