Management of the Natural Resources and Environment: From Buddhist Concepts to the Way of Sustainable Development

Wanchai Suktam


In the recent, the concepts to develop the projects in the regions may be managed on the environment, the economy and society for using the natural resources sustainably and effectively. With these reasons, the pollution will be protected and managed for leading to Sustainable Development in three units: 1) social system, 2) biological system, 3) economic system. If we can apply and do together, the sustainable development achieved the purposes of this development that creates the balance of the economy, the society, the natural resources and the environment for well beings of the people forever. Moreover, it would consist of six dimensions: 1) the production, 2) the natural capital, 3) the local resources of wisdom, 4) the democracy and participation, 5) equality and 6) peace. They help develop the system sustainably covering the concepts in the dimensions that are the economy, the society, ecology conveying to the typical development. This will become the sustainable development.

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