The Doctrinal Virtues and the Ethics Possessed by the Educational Administrators

Phramaha Somboon Sudhammo


All of the schools are of the duties in giving the education to the student. for
developing the students to have good knowledges and behaviors. The teachers
are the important people in the management of the education. Especially, the
educational administrators must administrate and manage the education rightly to
cause the teachers to co-operate in training and the teaching the students to be of
the good virtues and ethics. In the new aged administrators’ roles, the administrators
must know how to apply the Doctrinal Principle to the administrative works,
at present, the problems about the Virtues and the Ethics arising to the young
Thai people are declined. That is say, the student do not likes to be in the
regulations, without the order and the rules and use the strength to hurt one
another. So, if the administrators are of good qualifications and bring the Buddhist
Doctrines to be applined to their behaves, the other students will be developed
and will be successful in according the set targets.
The Doctrinal Virtues are the good doctrines and the helping states.
The Ethics are the Doctrines to be the practised, the Precepts and the rules of
the precepts.
The educational administrator is the person who is responsible for the process
of carrying out the education to attain the aims set up by the organization according
the set aim. The administrators are of the duty in setting up the plan, the organizing,
the leading, and the controlling. In business organization the administrator is called
manager, but in the governmental organization, he is called the administrator. 

The educational ethics mean the standard of doing the work or the ethical
measurement used by the administrators in the administration of the organization.
The qualifications of the administrators helping the minds to be good are
the principles of the 4 Brahmavihara which are Metta, Karuṅā, Muditā, and Upeckkhā.
Beside this, the administrators should have the following Doctrinal principles in
administrating the works, which are 7 Sappurisadhamma, 4 Iddhipāda, 4 Saṅgahavatthu,
4 Gharāvāsa-dhamma, and Dasarājadhamma.
The virtues and the ethics are of the most importance in setting up the virtues
and the ethics to young peple. This fact will help the children to be of the qualities,
which will help everybody to have the happiness in oneself and in societies as well
as in the world.

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