How to Resolve the Conflict with Buddhist Harmony in Thai Society

Adisak Tongbun


The conflict in Thai society got effects to the society, politics, and economy.
There specially is the faction and some people take a side so that the social happiness
was broken and the politic administration was the problem and also the economic crisis
although some men wanted to build the harmony, it is not the clear concrete that
could solve the problems. In the other hand, it added the violent problems amidst
the conflict between the both sides. Some people still stay calm or they were called
“the silent power”. Everyone has hope those will be better in the short time, because
some groups of people come to help and become the harmonious and finally the
bad things will turn to the good things, because they believed that Ayutthaya had the
good man. In Thailand, there have the good hopes from the people who dedicated
and volunteered without their selfishness. If they have the best aspiration, they will
have collaborative actions to get rid of the problems as they have hoped all. Besides
Thailand has the Buddhism that has been the best basis of the culture, tradition and
the way of life for the long time. The almost people have got the homage in the
Buddhism to live and learn for all lives. If the people dare to practice along with the
Buddhist way such as Kantisutta or Saraniyadhamma to resolve the problem with the
conflict that was proclaimed Bhikkhus the sermon applied in Thai society and this
sermon is the best aspiration and model to make the Thai society better.

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