A Study of Attitudes toward Santosa (contentment) Behaviors of Students of Standard VIII in Bangkok

Amnuay Dechchaisir, Somsak Bunpoo


The research entitled ‘A Study of the Attitudes toward Santosa (contenment)
behaviors of Students of Standard VIII in Bangkok’ aims to study Standard VIII students’
attitudes toward Santosa (contenment) behaviors, and to comparatively study Standard
VIII students’ attitude toward Santosa (contenment) behaviors classified by basic factors
and school sizes in the educational areas of Bangkok. This is a survey research.
The data were collected by administering questionnaires to 353 Standard VIII students
from 9 schools in the Educational Area of Bangkok in the academic year 2011. Statistics
used for the data analysis are Percentage, Mean (Χ ), Standard Deviation (S.D.),
t-test and One-Way Analysis of Variance. The results of the study were as follows:
1. Regarding the Bangkok Standard VIII students’ attitudes on the Santosa
(contentment) behaviors, it was found that their attitudes, as a whole, were in a high
level. When considering for each aspect, it was also found that all aspects of students
attitudes were in high level in the following orders: contentment with what one gets
and deserves to get, contentment with what is within one’s capacity and contentment
with what is befitting. 

2. Regarding the result of the comparative analysis of the Bangkok Standard
VIII students’ attitude toward Santosa behavior classified by males and females, it was,
as a whole, found that they were not significantly different in their attitudes which
was not in accordance with the hypothesis set up and while individually considering,
it was also found not to be significantly different.
3. Concerning the comparative analysis of the Bangkok Standard VIII students’
attitude toward the Santosa (contentment) behaviors classified by Grade Points Average
of all subjects, the size of schools, and parents’ occupation and status through
the One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), it was found that the students who have
different GPA, different sizes of schools and different parents’ occupation and status
were not different in their attitudes toward Santosa (contentment) behaviours.
Keywords: Attitude, Constant emotion to stimulus, Objects, Incident, Situation,
Experience, Behavior, Behavior to answer the stimulus, Students’ content, Satisfaction
as one is able, Satisfaction as one has, Satisfaction as one is popper to their status,
Students in secondary school, Students learn in the government and private schools

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