The Crowd Control according to Buddhism

Surachai Kaewkoon


Crowd control by police or governmental officials is the duty or mission which

consists of protecting one’s rights. The decision in the important mission is made
by police power to achieve in crowd control which must be right and proper to
the situation for getting rid of the violence and the bad image of the National Police
Agency, including to save people’s and officials’ lives and wealth, because they intend
to work on the mission. Automatically, Buddhist peace way is managed in Dhamma
foundation called “the right moderation” which is well-known that it is on the two
items of Buddhist principle:
(1) It must be the moderated way.
(2) It must set on the right way.
Buddha had presented the management of violence on the ideas concerning
to the middle way. In the study, it can confirm the basic synthesis that Buddha
conciliated and negotiated by using the intermediary.

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