The Pandita according to the Buddhist Methods

Phramaha Somboon Sudhammo


Panditas in the worldly sense mean the knowledgeable people, the savant,

the man of learning and the 3 graduates :- the bachelor degree, the master degree
and the doctorate degree. The Panditas in Buddhist University are of 3 objectives :-
1) to have the omniscience and the experience about the history of Buddhism and
the analysis, the criticizes and the researches about proficient Buddhism. 2) to have
the virtuous and the moral, the Societies” Leader of the intellect and the mind.
3) to apply the propagation of Buddha Dhammas for developing the life and
the societies. In the Buddhist Methods in the education for degrees, there are
the educations called Ti Sikkhàs, which mean the clauses for studying and
the precepts which are the principles for study. There are the practices for the higher
body, speech, mind, and the intelligence to reach the enlightenment.
Buddhism emphasized the important Ti Sikkhàs, because of the Dharmas practices
in all Buddhism principles including the Ti Sikkhàs. It is the Doctrine covering all
the Buddhist principles. Then, we can say Buddhism is of the Doctrines of Education.
The receiving of the Deegrees to be the Panditas according the Buddhist Methods
is the Buddhist Education.

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