Ovary Saleswoman : Analysis in accordance with ‘Cause’ in Buddhist Philosophy

Theerapong Meethaisong, Sovit Bamrungpak


The main objective of this paper is to explain the action of those Thai people in

the present time who have a delicate mind, easy love, easy belief, easy boredom, do
not know to wait etc. In the case study of ovary saleswomen, the action should not
be done. After having brought for analysis in accordance the cause of Buddhist
philosophy, it was understood clearly that in fact the action of that woman followed
the human beings’ courtesy, who are the ordinary people soaked with defilements;
full of craving for pleasure and needs for hoarding all things used in daily life. When
having the external factors; a persuader’s words and messages around her for selling
ovary, which reciprocated with her own purpose, her internal desire and pleasure got
motivated and inspired to make her sell it at once. Therefore, it was said that the
defilement inside her mind is root, origin and cause to encourage and support her make
the mistake.

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