All Sciences in the Tipitaka

Samiddhipol Netnimitra


Tepitaka: The literature reflects the human beings’ truth. It is not only Buddha’s taught or the benefits for Buddhists, but also absolutely resource of all the knowledge and bank of the big literature that is so many levels in these theories that can response to need the knowledge, although human beings have the different sense. When have known, all the Buddhists should study it with the other sciences for integrating their knowledge without self-obstruction.

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กองวิชาการ สำนักงานอธิการบดี 

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ต.ลำไทร อ.วังน้อย จ.พระนครศรีอยุธยา ๑๓๑๗๐
โทร. ๐๓๕-๒๔๘-๐๑๓ ต่อ ๘๗๖๗