Systems and Theories of Buddhist Psychology

Rerngchai Muenchana


A word “system” is the set of relation to things or dependence together on
the staying things differently and independently. They are all applied in the type
of integration in the meaning of the words “set” and “element” as well as they
always relate to input, process, and output. The main system emphasizes
the process meaning to the steps of work performance that are set clearly how
we have done for taking the wanted results. They must be known generally, but not
only the formations of documents, electronics or the other ways. Thai dictionary
“Rajbundityastan” gave the meaning that the system is the order, type, and
formation including the different parts together such as the system of tree leaves
is meant that they fell down and pressed on and on. The Buddhist psychology catches
the elements of system to be direction for studying it. There are its objectives,
framework, contents, hypothesis, major subject of development on study
the Buddhist psychology, the main study from Buddha’s followers, the core of
the Buddhist psychology, psychological development and application. All of them
are integrated on relation from its objectives so that students have volunteer
mind, love, and generosity by the principle of Sangahavatthu. Theory is meant
that the set of ideas is the reasons causing of studying systematically and with
the purpose to explain the situation or appearance by getting the believable
experience such as the theory of science etc. It is also meant that the thinking
system can display the many appearances what they are, how they can happen
and how they shall become in the future. It is the result from making the hypothesis 

and proves it by the science element so that we found the evidence and truth,
the creditable and conforming reasons. It is accepted that this is the theory.
According to the Buddhist psychology, it relates to Pali in the word “Titthi” that is
translated “understanding” and “belief”.
In this study, it is meant to the right view depending on Dhamma or the right
reasons. For instance, persons do the goodness, they take the good results.
They do the badness, they take the bad results. Whole body is not permanent.
True wisdom happens in Ariyasacca. Therefore, the Buddhist psychology is
the educational system to emphasize the processes to say the its objectives,
contents, morality as well as the students, who have learnt this subject, shall
express the service mind to the public and the right view under the Buddhism’s
moral principle.

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