Ethical Value of Deva affecting the Development of life

Phrakru Sirirattananuwat


This research consists of 2 objectives; to study the status and roles of gods (deva)
in nature and Buddhism, to study ethical value to the development of life in Thai
society. It is the documentary research in Tepiṭaka as the primary source.
It was found that there are three kinds of gods, namely:- gods by rebirth, gods
by purification, gods by convention. The gods by rebirth have status, existence, according
to sphere/heaven, according to age, according to birth/death, according to life/rebirth,
according to food, according to relation with a human. The gods are grouped in three
kinds, namely;- the kinds of roles in gods for Buddhism and nature. The kinds of rituals
concerning with gods. The kinds of gods in heaven and the status and roles of gods
for nature and Buddhism. The gods who produce the ethical values to human
concluding monks and Buddhists. The gods is the important point of Buddhism.
The Buddha regards the Buddha’s one of routines in five ones, it is the reply of
question for Deva at time in noon night
The morals of gods as Dhamma for being deva:- 1. Three bases of meritorious
action (Puññakiriyãwatthu) 2. Ten bases of meritorious action (Puññakiriyãwatthu
3. Five Achievement (Sampadã) 4. Two titles in ethics of gods (Devadhamma
5. the seven principles for practice of gods (Wattapada)
The morality of gods develops their lives caring to each others arised peace in
society and nature. In which, the god of forest follows rukkhadhamma, the gods of
sky delete the lunar eclipse by speech in the Buddha’s virtues, the god of rice care
of vegetation, the god of water saves it, the god of rain gives rain in right season.
The gods teach Dhamma to human and the human resides with the gods by making
merit, making gift, making good, making of the ritual of good worship and ethical

development of life, helping each others, the arise of peace in society and nature.
The morality of gods has the value to knowledge, to moral source, to memorial, to
relation of forest, to changing one’s bad fortune, to pledge, to happiness. These values
of gods are the benefit for followers, because they are empower in their minds being
hopefulness without carefullessness. The next point of their lives is heaven. Finally,
they are free from suffering and finding peace in one’s own life.

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