An Analysis of the Buddha’s Determination with Model Development for Integrated Propagation of Buddhism in Modern Thai Sangha

Niphaphatra Euphum, Phrakru Pariyattidhamwong


The purpose of this research “An analysis of Buddha’ Determination with Model
Development for Integrated Propagation of Buddhism by modern Thai Sangha” was
1) to study the general background about the Buddhist determination as manifested
in the Buddhist Scriptures, 2) to study the propagation of Buddhism by Thai Buddhist
monks in the present, and 3) to analyze Buddha’s determination alongside integrated
propagation model for effective propagation of Buddhism by the modern Thai Sangha.
This study is a qualitative research. Data was collected from the Buddhist Scriptures,
Tipitaka, Commentaries, Buddhist academic and related research. The findings are
presented by descriptive analysis.
From a research, it was found that the Buddha’s determination has been divided
into 2 type as follows: 1) The Buddha’s determination before enlightenment, which
was called that Bodhisattava Panidhãna or the determination of the Buddha is previous
life. 2) The Buddha’s determination after enlightenment, which was called really
Buddha’s determination of Buddha Panidhãna, which was happened when the Blessed
One get enlightenment up to his passed away. The Buddha himself emphasized that
unless and until the monks, nuns, layman and laywoman understood the dhamma
well he would not attain to final extinction. He has practiced the three Buddhacariyã
or the Buddha’s conduct. There are as follows : 1) Lokatha-cariyã : conduct for wellbeing
of the word. 2) Nãtatha-cariyã : conduct for the benefit of Buddha’s relatives.
3) Buddhattha-cariyã : beneficial conduct as functions of the Buddha. He has organized 

the four division for protected and maintained Buddhism, They are male monks,
female monks, lay man and lay woman.

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