Tipitaka must study ; Atthakatha must search

Jinda Jankaew, Samiddhipol Netnimitra


The Pali Tipitaka is the guiding principle for the Four Assemblies. The Buddha’s word has been complied in the Pali Tipitaka which operates the duty of the Dhamma. It is through the Pali Tipitaka that we can get the Dhamma and Vinaya. We have to learn the Pali Tipitaka as the directive principle and also the basis for the practice of Buddhism. The Atthakatha is the subsequent scriptures which expound on the Pali Tipitaka. The commentaries have given the needed explanation in clarity by giving more details and descriptive meaning. We learn the Pali Tipitaka as it should be preserved in its original state, while we trace the Atthakatha as it should aid our understanding the background stories related to the word of the Buddha.

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