The construction and developmenst of Buddhist rational thinking model in according with Buddhist approach for decreasingthai youths’ problem of sexual and narcoticrisk behaviors

Rerngchai Muenchana, Methavee Udomthammanuphap


The risk behaviors are behaviors which happen from maladjustment or disability

or dangerous behaviors toward himself or other persons which can happen with all
living things in every time and in every place. Particularly, human beings may have
the risk behaviors more than other living things. From research, to decrease problems
or to adjust mental behaviors are better then decreasing the physical behaviors
because, mental behaviors are productive place or the original place of physical
behaviors. If the person can adjust mental behaviors, he can adjust the physical
behaviors. The results of research, were found that Thai youths’ ages between 17-18
years old had the risk behaviors more than other ages. The concepts to decrease
the risk behaviors in research, were found that: to investigate the causes and factors,
to separate the components, the four Noble Truths, to see punishment and the way
out and for genuine-equal value.

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