An Educational Measurement and Evaluation and Score Equivalence

Sasithorn Chutinanthakul


The educational evaluation is processes of the educational management for

checking the learning activities that can make the students get its objectives by many
ways of its evaluation. For improving and comparing the marks, this way is the process
of statistics making the scores similar to which the different kinds of examination had
used for no bias to the students. There are the significant objectives divided into five
items as follows. (1) For setting the placement of students who have in some levels
that are in distinction, good or unsatisfied ranking, (2) For knowing the diagnosis
of them who show the causes of learning for developing it better, (3) For realizing
the growth of them who develop it better or worse, (4) For predicting the results of
it in the future and (5) for evaluation in taking the their results to measure and
management on the learning further.

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