Buddhist Listening: Peace Beginning by Ourselves

Aphichaya Luechai


The peace way is the most important to everyone, because the conflict appeared around us. It is the theory to get rid of the problems from the society or city and also it can start at communicating among persons as the Buddha had behaved and performed as the best model. He taught that people communicate and understand each other to develop their mind and reduce the self-conflict that effect to the behavior of the communication to the others. Moreover, the four skills are the tool for peace, especially the good listening is very smooth to do everything that is easy to understand each other, because the listening can add the friendship, shift our mind perfect, reduce the ego that close the good ideas from the others, including the critical listening that helps resist the bad ideas, so the listening results make us and people around us safety from the conflicts and keep touch with the warm shines of the true love in the arms of the peace.

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